How to Avoid Chargebacks

Chargebacks can cause a great deal of trouble for a business, especially when merchant accounts initiate fees for them. Credit card processing has a wealth of benefits, but it also has complications such as consumer chargebacks. Consumers initiate chargebacks for a wide variety of reasons including fraud, attempted theft, honest mistakes and discontent. Every business […]

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Building Your Small Business

Accepting credit cards is a necessity for small businesses because it allows them to remain competitive, offer convenient payment methods to buyers and not forego a sale in the event customers come up short of cash. Understanding the world of credit card processing can seem daunting at first, but these 3 key principles help address […]

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Reading Reviews Before Selecting Your Merchant Account Provider

When looking to select a company to use as a credit card processor, it’s wise to choose one that offers all the right services at a good price. However, one should take it further, and here are three things to look at when reading reviews for a merchant services provider. Speed: Without a doubt, if […]

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All About Flagship Merchant Services

Flagship Merchant Services has been helping merchants conduct transactions online for many years. As a leader in credit card processing and merchant accounts services, Flagship Merchant Services has remained focused on giving business owners of all size the solutions they need to effectively do business completely online. How does credit card processing work? There are […]

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All About

Without a doubt, when looking to get credit cards processed, one should go with a solid, reliable and trustworthy company. When doing so, it’s easy to avoid mistakes that others suffer from. While true, one should know where to look, and is a great place to go, and here are three reasons why. Provide […]

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What is the Bankruptcy Notification Service?

Without a service, it’s hard for people to know when someone went bankrupt, and this is often a problem when dealing with merchant accounts or other financial services. For this reason, the two major worldwide credit card companies, Visa and MasterCard, have developed a service to help people track bankruptcies. With this, people can see […]

Read more > is a service that provides quick and easy credit card processing for merchant accounts. It uses the Internet instead of a phone line, which is what most credit card processors use. As such, it is faster and more secure.

It is too complicated for most merchants to do connect their own accounts directly to the credit card processing systems. It is very easy for merchants to use, and the fee is well worth the convenience and security of’s propriety program. All clients of are able to use its Verified Merchant Seal, which will give your customers confidence that they their credit card information is secure.

Clients of have their own website that they can log into in order to track transactions, view and print account statements, change settings, and more. is a cloud-based program, so their is no software clients have to install or update. The interface is set up to be as user-friendly as possible.

Although the costs of are nominal and will help increase sales, there is some variance in pricing. does net sell their services directly. Instead, they use a system of independent resellers. This may cause some confusion for those interested in’s program for their merchant accounts.

Arguably the best thing about’s services is that they not only provide credit card processing for the merchant accounts of websites, they provide processing services for retail, mail order, and telephone order merchant accounts. While it may seem counter-intuitive to use a cloud-based service for a retail or mail-order merchant account, makes it easy with step-by step instructions. They also offer a mobile app for interested clients.

It is relatively easy to use’s credit card processing services for retail merchant accounts. They will provide a free card reader that needs to be connected to an Internet-enabled computer. The customer will swipe their card as they would with any credit card processing service.

Mail order and telephone order processing through works in much the same way. Merchants merely enter the date manually into’s online Virtual Terminal. As with all of the services, it is encrypted.

The mobile app is ideal for merchants that do not have a traditional storefront. Now such merchants can accept credit cards wherever they may be. This is ideal for businesses that operate food trucks or sell at conventions.